Couch Family Foundation

The Couch Family Foundation is established with the belief of giving back to the Hillsborough County community that enabled the founder to succeed.


Ted Couch is deeply committed to the principle of helping others as he was helped. He believes his financial success is a form of a loan that cannot be taken with him so he will repay the loan with his philanthropic endeavors, now and in the future.


He also recognizes and is thankful for certain individuals and institutions throughout his life that influenced his character, including his Jesuit High School education. They were responsible for shaping the way he thinks and sees the world. They imprinted upon him a strong compassion, respect and desire to support those less fortunate, to find means to improve people’s lives and to empower others.


It is the mission of the Couch Family Foundation to support the following needs in the Hillsborough County community:



The Couch Family Foundation is committed to stimulating creativity and productivity among young disadvantaged people and adults through programs that encourage learning as a lifelong process.



The Couch Family Foundation is committed to advancing and supporting basic and applied medical research in the areas of curing cancer.





The Couch Family Foundation is committed to supporting religious based programs whose purpose is to serve and provide for society’s underserved.

It is also the intent of this family foundation to encourage family member and trustee philanthropic involvement wherever members reside. In the spirit of this foundation’s mission, the Couch Family Foundation encourages the family members'/trustees’ own philanthropic contributions with a matching program.